About us

The State Enterprise of “Jahonnamo”

was established with the decision the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan under the number 546 from the 31st of October in 2008 and began its activity from the 5th of November 2008. “Jahonnamo” is the Informational News Network in the territory of the republic and from the beginning of its activity till up now is broadcasting analytical and informational programs during 24 hours in 3 languages: Tajik, Russian and English. The main purpose of the network considered providing the population with full information, improving the quality and efficiency of information in the fields of politics, economy, social life, culture, science and other important news from near and far abroad countries. The main directions of activity of enterprise – to provide the population of the country with the new and exact domestic and foreign news, advocate national unity ideas, give priority to national and universal values, democracy, peace, stability and humanism, to promote constructive political, social, economic and cultural processes of the life of the nations of the Republic of Tajikistan on the basis of respect for the human rights and freedoms that recognized in the Constitution of the Republic of Tajikistan and other legal and international acts that are recognized by the Republic of Tajikistan, advocacy and explanation the main direction policy Government of the Republic of Tajikistan in the fields of culture, art, education and sport.

The tasks of the enterprise: publication the policy of the state and the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan through TV programs with the involvement of experts, specialists and politicians, production and dissemination of materials, audio and video products, advocacy films, decorative ministry and other activities in the framework of existing laws of the Republic of Tajikistan.

Enterprise consists of the following structures: Administration, department of accounting and reporting, cadres department, department of informational programs, analytical programs department, publication management, the complex of studio equipments, department of arrangers and out of studio shooting, department for energy supply and special lightening, transport department, design and decoration preparation department, economic and communal services department, as well as in the Enterprise on contractual basis are working contractual employees. In the enterprise are working 140 employees where 80 of them are contractual employees and their ages consisted from 18 till 50. 90% employees of the enterprise are the youth and part of them is students from Higher Educational Establishments of Tajikistan. More than 40 women are working in the enterprise as well. According to information of the Open Joint Stock Company “Teleradiocom” the programs broadcasting territories is approximately 79 percent in the republic. The network is connected to the satellite and its coverage in foreign countries covers about 55 percent. The enterprise opened its informational branches in Badakhshon Province (2), Kulob area and Qurghonteppa of Khatlon province (5), Khujand city (2), Panjakent and Mastchoh of Sughd province and Regions of Central Subordination (3). Also the enterprise launched its informational branch in Russian Federation where 2 experienced employees of the enterprise were sent there. As well the reporters of network are sending their reports from Kirgizstan, Kazakhstan, India, New-York and Iran. The Informational News Network “Jahonnamo” has its website in internet (www.jahonnamo.tj). The State Enterprise of “Jahonnamo” put under the way cooperation with “Al-Jazeera” of Qatar State, “Press-TV” the network of the Islamic Republic of Iran, “Russia Today” of the Russian Federation, channels of “Nurin” and “Orzu” of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, BBC Persian Television and others. In this period a number of employees of the enterprise paid visit abroad of the county with the working visits and for trainings. The creative and technical staff of the enterprise where majority of them is youth passed qualification trainings in the influential and informational televisions, including “Al-Jazeera” of Qatar State, BBC of Great Britain, Press-TV of the Islamic Republic of Iran, “CNN” of United State of America, “NHK” of Japan, “TTPK” of Turkey and “CCTV” of the People’s Republic of China. In the enterprise were created favorable working conditions. At present the employees of the enterprises were provided with 80 computers that have been connected to internet. In March month of 2015 the State Enterprise of “Jahonnamo” for indicators and achievements in the field of management, improving the quality of services and introduction of new modern technologies and innovations in Geneva city of Switzerland deserved to receive the International Quality ERA Award in the Gold Category “Crown for Quality” by the international company “BID – Business Initiative Directions”. The enterprise with a view to improving the quality and content of the programs, ensuring its prestige in the domestic and foreign informational space, with the usage from the global programming experience from today’s conditions and opportunities, planning to launch a new television programs and projects and to improve its technical conditions at present.

Technical statistics

State Enterprise of “Jahonnamo” during last 7 years of its activity implemented following activities in the direction technical installation of the network. First of all it prepared the young cadres, entered modern various kinds of studio equipments and installed them that assisted to rise up the quality improvement of the broadcasting programs. For example master control switcher “PROFIT 1016TE” was installed with all its tools in the studio and given to use. Entering and installing the computer programs of “Air box”, “Title box” could assist to improve the “Ticker” of “Jahonnamo” Informational News Network. As well accession 3 new filming technologies “HVR-S270E” brand, virtual studio “TRIKASTOR 855”, Studio Lighting Techniques caused to improve the quality of the recording. At the same time with the renovation of studio equipments of the enterprise the creative and arranging staff were provided with the powerful computer “CORE I5”, “CORE I7” for editing and program preparation and 3 “CORE I3” notebooks for live broadcasting and placing news in the internet. It is the 5th year that in the Information News Network “Jahonnamo” are operating the electronic archive of programs and on the base of it the enterprise has opportunity to keep broadcasted programs till 6 months and in necessary time can provide monitoring of quality of broadcasting. Taking into consideration the fact that broadcasting materials will edit through computer for the editing urgent materials installed 2 non-computers editing rooms or with other phrase called linear with the latest technologies and are daily using. The aim to enter modern technologies and equipments is improve the quality of the programs and broadcasting. But at the same time of it there are existed some difficulties that negative influence to the broadcasting the programs of the Informational News Network of “Jahonnamo”. First of all its reason is weakness of signal transmitter of broadcasting programs. It should be noted that according to information of the Open Joint Stock Company “Teleradiocom” the coverage area of the Informational News Network “Jahonnamo” consisted 78, 96%, the number of analogical senders in the territory of the country is 164 and digital senders 11.