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Dilshod Nazarov won gold medal at the Brazilian Grand Prix

The well-known Tajik hammer thrower and Rio Olympic champion Dilshod Nazarov won gold medal at the Brazilian Grand Prix in Athletics.

The Grand Prix was held on July 8 in the Brazilian city of Braganza Paulista, the press center of the National Olympic Committee of Tajikistan reports. Dilshod Nazarov threw the hammer at a distance of 75.18 meters and took first place. The second place was ranked by Moldavian representative Sergei Marshiev (74.51 m) and third place by Belarusian athlete Pavel Bareisha (73.28 m). This is Dilshod Nazarov’s second medal in this season. On June 8 this year, the Tajik hammer thrower won bronze medal at the IAAF Hammer Throw Challenge series, dedicated to the Olympic champion Janusz Kusocinski memorial. Then Dilshod Nazarov, having thrown hammer at a distance of 78.18 meters, occupied the third place. The first and second places were taken by Polish athletes Wojciech Nowicki (80.63 m) and Pawel Fajdek (80.04 m). Currently in the world’s best hammer throwers ranking Dilshod Nazarov takes third place. The first place is occupied by Pawel Fajdek (Poland, 237.41 m), the second – by Wojciech Nowicki (Poland, 236.70 m), the fourth – by Bens Khalaj (Belgium, 228.66 m) and the fifth – by Marcel Lomnitskiy (Slovakia, 222.95 m).