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Independence and peace

During the independence period at the same time of providing the peace and prosperity

for citizens, it was focused on the importance of the education sector, and were repaired thousands of educational institutions. New and modern facilities are built in the city center and in rural areas of the country, equipped with all modern technology. Particular attention was focused on the issue of school and education, where has completely changed the infrastructure of the sector. Because the development of all vital sectors of the country depends on school and education. As a consequence of the country’s peace and stability, also was focused on the establishment of new health facilities. The gradual increase in the number of people in the country needs to be increased to new healthcare institutions, which is a natural process. With the use of modern medical devices, the activity of physicians became easy and efficient and the demand for these facilities and treatments is increasing in health facilities. Over the past 27 years, the number of new medical facilities has increased in the country, which is the basis of the development of the health sector. In this period as a result of many efforts of the Leader of the Nation, Emomali Rahmon has attracted foreign investments to improve living standards of the Tajik people. Republic of Tajikistan has hosted hundreds of international high-level conferences that is the witness of security and peace in the country. Private sector development and entrepreneurship support in the country has made significant progress in various sectors and has resulted in massive industrial production. As a result of the significant construction and operation of industrial enterprises in the country, the poverty level has decreased and the welfare of Tajikistan has increased. Now, the demand for products manufactured by Tajikistan has not only been acquired within the country but outside of the country. As a result, the number of taxpayers increased and the state budget was stable. The number of jobs is increasing day by day, and the unemployment rate is declining in the country. An annual salary increase of sectoral workers is the evidence of the highlights. The prosperity of the Republic of Tajikistan in the condition of stability and the perfect statehood of life has developed and the quality of life of the population is improved day by day.