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Tajik handicrafts development in 2018

From ancient Tajik nation was famous with developed civilization and high art,

including pottery, tailoring, sewing, blacksmith, carving and others. Even these crafts are developing in the territory of the republic by masters. With the aim to revive and develop them 2018 was announced Year of Tourism Development and Folk Craft. In this way by the Leader of the Nation all types of handmade crafts that are preparing by the craftsmen in their homes released from all types of tax from January 1, 2018. As the observations showed folk crafts are mostly developing between the residents who are living in the mountainous and remote rural areas. That’s why they are had preserved and are reviving the ancestors' traditions and crafts. It is gratifying that within this year that was announced Year for Tourism Development and Folk Crafts Chakan was inscribed to the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage List. This news caused the pride of each Tajikistani and Tajiks of the world. It’s apt to remark that Chakan is a national ornament that mostly can be seen in the national dress, clothes, and skullcaps that reflected on them with the colorful threads.