19:27, 28 November 2020
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Water issues of planet

The lack of drinking water became one of the troubling issues on the planet.

The analysis shows that more than 2 billion people suffering from lack of drinking water on the planet nowadays. As well this issue caused the conflicts between the countries. The scientists have proven that unprofitable use of water and critically endangered human nature has increased the problem of water shortage in the planet, and in the last decade, this problem is increased more than six times. According to experts, the drinking water shortage risk will increase twice until 2050. During the last 20 years, in the result of the industry sector development 43% of the planet became desert. At present, the humanity is using 30 times more the water that can produce the earth. Beginning from 2003 the Republic of Tajikistan by its wise leadership presented several proposals that had been directed to solve and reduce the water shortages in the planet. It’s apt to remark that uneven water usage in the earth 1 billion people in Asia, 350 million in Africa and more than 100 million people in Latin America is suffering from a lack of drinking water. More than 40% of infectious diseases in Africa are the result of the low quality of water, lack of irrigation networks and poor sanitary and hygiene conditions. Most of the counties have been engaged with sell and buy water. For example, USA is buying drinking water from Canada, Germany from Sweden, Norway, Netherlands, and Saudi Arabia from Malaysia. Now at a number of world countries, there is planning to establish the transmission Lines of water from Greenland and Antarctica to Europe and from the Amazon River to the African continent. Fortunately, Tajikistan is far from the same problem today.