22:46, 16 February 2019
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Some privileges for pensioners of capital

According to the decision the Dushanbe city’s Mayor, the pensioner at age 75 can use the public transport

for free in charge, except taxi. During the entering of public transports, they can present the pension document and electronic cards that can access from the executive body of the state local authority of the districts of Dushanbe city. It’s apt to remark that in general there are acting 84 terminals to buy electronic cards and 166 points for replenishing the balance. As well a group of residents who were presented for the privileges by the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan can free or with the payment of a part of prices can use the public transport. Nowadays in Dushanbe city are serving 2900 transport means, where 580 of them are buses and trolleybuses and 2320 microbuses and all of them are serving to residents and guests of capital from 6 mornings till 22 of night. By the Government of Dushanbe city created al condition for simply using the transport means, in particular buses and trolleybuses and the residents gratifying with created conditions. Entering usage the electronic cards in Dushanbe is primarily aimed at regulating transport means and payment facilities, which can lead to removing barriers and other types of services. Also, tourists and visitors who come to the capital can easily and without the help of translators can use these cards.