05:22, 23 February 2019
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In Dushanbe Kulob Highway were installed digital traffic lights

The flourishing and welfare activities are continuing in Kulob city.

In this base were installed digital traffic lights due to the provision the safety of traffic and pedestrians in the Dushanbe-Kulob Highway. This initiative was realized with the instruction of the Minister of Interior Affairs of the Republic. It is worth mentioning that the Dushanb- Kulob Highway has a lot of cargo and passenger traffic, as well as the roadside pedestrians who are mostly affected by roadside accidents. In another hand on one side of the road is located the secondary school number 30 where there are studying 1200 schoolchildren and most of the pupils should pass to another side of the road. In this way, they faced many obstacles. In the result of the above-mentioned measure were installed digital traffic lights in 4 intersections of Kulob that will contribute to regular movement and safety of transports and pedestrians as well. In this regard by the employees of the Department of the Automobile Inspection and the executive body of the state local authority, there is foreseen some other traffic lights in the city also.