08:33, 25 September 2020
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Cleaning highway in Darvoz

Last days heavy snowfall created many challengers and obstacles in Darvoz district.

In the result of falling avalanches and rocks, as well flood in the various parts of the Highway Kulob Qalai Khumb, Qalai Khumb border of Vanj district occurred difficulties to the transport movements in this direction. In connection to it was organized the headquarter of the district and the employees of it could clean the roads form the avalanches and rocks. In the result of the 24 hours activities of the employees of the road maintenance department of the district putting their contribution to regular transport movement. In the area of the Highway Kulob Qalai Khumb Khorugh, the road part number 2 with the length 71 kilometer from the center Qalai Khumb till Vanj district is the most difficult part of the road and in part of it registered fallen avalanche and rocks, parts of mountainous. This situation caused to close the transport movement in the region. It should be noted that the employees of the field with the attraction 6 techniques opened the road and provided transport movements in the direction of Shohon-Zigar, Zigar-Shkev, Qalai Khum-Kurgovat till the territory of Vanj district.