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Food security Province in the country

In recent years, through rapid population growth in most parts of the world,

it has a negative effect on economic potential and contributes significantly to food shortages. In this context, the effective use of natural resources, labor and advanced experience in developed countries can contribute to the development of food security. Ensuring food security in our country is also one of the most important issues of state policy. For over a year, the Committee on Food Security under the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan has been operating in the country, which provides comprehensive support for the protection of food safety rights and the quality control of imported products. Therefore, the efficient use of land and the profitability of several harvests will provide the population with high-quality food products and thus will contribute to the sustainability of retail prices in the capital markets and retail outlets. It should be noted that the process of implementing one of the goals of the national development strategy of Tajikistan for 2030, namely, ensuring food security is associated with an increase in food production and a reduction in prices for them.