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Khatlom’s gardeners collected big harvest of fruit this year

Khatlon is a big agricultural province of Tajikistan, where many tons of fruits and vegetables

export to near and far countries of the world in every season by farmers of the region. And nowadays fruit is ripped here farmers have started to pick up harvest as soon as possible because this area is hotter than other regions of the country it lets fruits to be rotted. Nisay is an active dehkan farm in Kushoniyon district, which produce fruits mostly. It began collecting the harvest to present to markets. This peasant farm has five hectares of land, growing many kinds of fruits, including apricots, plum, peach, cherries, apple, and etc to provide district markets and even export to neighboring countries every season but at the same time, it is engaged to growing of peach and now they are picking up this fruit to export to Republic of Kazakhstan. Operation of international highway in one hand makes close relation between the countries in another hand exportation of agriculture products will be increased. Farmers say that if this year's plum price is lower in the country's markets, but abundance of fruit crops and the border crossings, including the Republic of Uzbekistan, would be better way to cover that. According to responsible farmers mostly are paying attention for good quality and taste of the fruits and they are preparing boxes which capacity is five kg plum because likely it is possible easily to deliver the products safely to the place.