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Tajikistan’s GDP begins to rise up with preparing several development programs

One of the main targets of the Government of Tajikistan is the effective use of natural resources and discovering new economic

development sources, strengthening domestic production competitiveness and innovative technologies introduction in industry. For this purpose, implementation of the National Strategy Development of the Republic for the period up to 2030 is being implemented and the implementation of priority measures for its first phase will be carried out within the framework of the Mid-term Development Program of the Republic of Tajikistan for 2016-2020. The mid-term program is a new document that is prepared for five years covering two cycle-budgets. The overall financial needs of the country's medium-term development program are $ 25.5 billion. It is expected that 55 percent of the program finance from the state budget, 36% from the private sector and 9 percent by the development partners. The aim of program is to strengthen the economic development and in this context to reduce the poverty level. Medium-term program provides for the following major development priorities, including Rational use of resources, development of import and export production, support for industrial entrepreneurship, enhancing efficiency of fuel and energy sector, strengthening agricultural sector reforms, development of transport infrastructure, broad access telecommunications services, and etc that are directed for all sides advantage. Medium-term program provides for the national economy to be based on industrial scenarios, which is to accelerate the rapid development of the country's industry for this period. Thus, the share of the industrial sector in the GDP will continue to rise rapidly in 2020 and is almost 16 per cent. Over the years of independence 45 state investment projects in the transport sector with totally 12 billion TJS carried out and more than 2 thousand kilometers of automobile roads were rehabilitated, built and put into operation. In mountainous conditions of Tajikistan, the transport infrastructure development is one of the main objectives of the national economy development, and at the same time is one of the main goals of the National Development Strategy. The mentioned program also will promote to the energy production until 2020 to be reached to 26, 2 billion kWh that is increased 1.5 times more compare to 2015. It is expected that state budget expenditures with taking into account of investments to education and health care sectors will be reached to 6, 7% and 4, 4% of the gross domestic product by 2020.